Enter a magical place!

Happy Bookish After is more than just a blog. It’s where other can express their love for tales and share their opinions. Devoted to being a place for all, its main purpose is to share stories from various perspectives that have yet to have their spotlight. There might be discussion of popular books, but more than that, it mainly focuses on diverse novels, whether that is from bipoc or lgbtq+ communities.

How this enchanting realm came to be

The beauty of reading are the feelings that rush through: the shocks, sadness, anger, and joy. After keeping all those emotions inside, there are moments where you can’t help but shout to the top of the world your love for a series, what intrigued you, what didn’t work, and what made you absolutely adore it. It just so happens that this blog is dedicated to those types of moments! And if that’s something you absolutely relate to, then be prepared to read many posts that happen to be exactly like that!

Another thing this blog is dedicated to is for leaving marks around the world. You see, many authors that write their novels want them to change lives; even if it changes one life, their mission is completed. That’s why it’s up to readers such as us to help spread the word about all the wonderful books out there!

Step down the rabbit hole…

This blog contains many discussions of books with stunning representation that you may or may not know of! Whether that is book recommendations, rankings, reviews, TBRs, or wraps ups, there’s always be something new explore. And, as time passes on, much more content will come! If that interests you, feel free to stick around! Who knows? There’s a pretty high chance you might enjoy it here…