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If You Like These Taylor Swift Albums, You’ll Love These Books!

If there’s something most readers have in common, it’s their love for Taylor Swift. It’s almost unanimously agreed that most bookworms are proud swifties (and for good reasons, of course). So if by any chance you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll be giving various Taylor Swift book recommendations, saying which stories remind me of a certain album and why. Basically, it’ll be a small stumble into a world filled with t.s. songs and diverse reads that are a must have! Hopefully, you’ll find some new books that brim your heart with warmth!

Taylor Swift – Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie

Synopsis: Ophelia is your classic Irish-Cuban girl. She adores her rose garden, papas rellenas, and boys. Many boys, in fact, that her romantic heart couldn’t but help swoon for. But one day, her life spirals when she can’t stop thinking of a certain girl. Even the thought of getting back with her ex in time for prom isn’t appealing anymore. And soon, the image of the boy-crazed girl fades away as Ophelia discovers who she is again.

Thoughts: This YA contemporary is truly one of a kind. Ophelia After All is an enchanting story that tackles topics such as sexuality, friendships, and latinx heritage beautifully. It reminded me of Taylor Swift’s debut in how both tell a story of a girl who’s finding her place in the world, making mistakes and learning new things one step at a time. It’s truly an lgbtq+ coming of age that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Fearless – The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Synopsis: Natasha Kingsley, a Jamaican immigrant, has a few hours before her family gets deported. Daniel Bae, a Korean-American poet, attends a college interview at Yale for his parents. When Natasha bumps into Daniel, what seems to be an accident becomes a twist of fate. Certain that something miraculous awaits them, Daniel assures Natasha that she can fall in love with him in one day. And while Natasha does everything she can to prevent her parents’ deportation, she can’t avoid wondering if he might be right.

Thoughts: Fearless is one of those Taylor Swift albums where you take a leap of fate for what you desire in life. And that’s what The Sun is Also a Star is: a whimsical romance where you take a risk because a part of you wonders the “what ifs” of life. It’s a truly enjoyable story for when you want to be taken to a place where rules are thrown out of the window despite of your fears.

Speak Now – Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho

Speak Now Taylor Swift Once Upon a K-Prom

Synopsis: A long time ago, Elena Soo and Robbie Choi had made a promise: that he would take her to prom. But that was when they were younger, before he had moved away and become a k-pop star. Now? Elena Soo is overshadowed by the people in her life, uncertain of everything except not wanting to go to prom. But when Robbie comes back to her life, her entire world is turned upside down, and she isn’t sure if she wants things to go back to how they once were.

Thoughts: After awaiting this YA book for so long and finally having it in my grasp, I couldn’t believe the uncanny resemblance between Once Upon a K-Prom and Speak Now. It’s the perfect blend of a fairy tale-like story where people take second chances before it’s too late. Between its “out of this world” tone and grounded aspects, it certainly seems to be the perfect ride for any rom-com lover.

Red – You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao

Taylor Swift Red Book Recommendation

Synopsis: If there was one thing Julie was certain of, it was the aftermath of her high school years. She would move out of her hometown with her boyfriend Sam, and they would enter a college in a faraway city. But when Sam dies, all her plans take a turn. Desperate to hear his voice one last time, Julie dials his number to listen to his voicemail, and instead finds Sam on the other line.

Thoughts: I knew this story had to be on the Taylor Swift book recs due to how much it reminded me of Red‘s theme: the difficulties of remembering the past and moving forward. You’ve Reached Sam is a YA contemporary following a girl who faces the hardships of letting go the greatest love she’s ever known. It just so happens to also be the story Taylor Swift tells in this album we know all too well.

1989 – Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

Taylor Swift 1989 Book Recommendation

Synopsis: Izumi “Izzy” Tanaka never fit in. After all, being Japanese American in a mostly white town can make you feel as if you don’t belong. But when Izzy finds out the truth about who her father is, her world turns upside down: he’s none other than the Crown Prince of Japan! She travels to Japan to meet her father, but realizes that being a princess isn’t the bliss one would picture it to be. With obstacles thrown her way, will Izzy ever find her happy ever after?

Thoughts: The charm of 1989 is its ability to show you the splendor of life. Like Tokyo Ever After, both show you the glamor of a favored sought-after land, only to slowly show that everything is not as it seems. It was a dazzling story that had mayhem, chaos, and a secret romance blossoming— all while remaining under the spotlight.

Reputation – Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

Taylor Swift Reputation Book Recommendation

Synopsis: Beyond the Great Wall lie horrid mecha aliens, creatures fought by none other than the Chrysalises, robots wielded by men. The machineries were powered up by female concubines that lost their lives in the process; this was no exception to Wu Zetian’s sister, who swore to seek revenge. And when she did, she’s deemed as an Iron Widow, a female pilot that can sacrifice men instead.

The world desires to control Zetian’s strength. But with the help of a few allies, Zetian will do whatever it takes to learn why girls are sacrificed, abolishing the pilot system once and for all.

Thoughts: Reputation is all about being misperceived by the public. It’s about the stage in your life when the world turns against you. And in Iron Widow, a YA sci fi story where the protagonist basically tries to burn down the patriarchy, I can easily say it translates well with this album. Everyone opposes Zetian, and yet, she never once cowers to the expectations of society, shaping her future how she sees fit.

Lover – Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur

Taylor Swift Lover Book Recommendation

Synopsis: Brendon is a romantic enamored by love. Annie is uninterested in romance and not looking for it. But when the two meet after Annie visits Seattle, Brendon wants nothing more than to spend time with his sister’s best friend. After all, he only had a crush on her since they were kids. And maybe they wouldn’t work out. But Brendon is willing to convince her romance is real, and as Annie’s time in Seattle is almost over, they both wonder if there’s something worth discovering.

Thoughts: Something that was enjoyable about Hang the Moon (outside the bi representation) was how it was simply an adorable romance where the two spent time together, going on dates and trying to prove if romance isn’t just a fairy tale. Part of the reason why it fit in this Taylor Swift book recommendation was because of its lighter mood and lovely scenes, something that’s a key element of Lover.

Folklore – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Swift Folklore Book Recommendation

Synopsis: Everyone wants the chance to tell the story of the amazing Evelyn Hugo. But when the Hollywood actress selects none other than unknown reporter Monique Grant to write her luxurious life story, she takes the chance to write Hugo’s tale. She learns of the actress’ career, her various romances and the ruthless acts she did to get to her position. But as Evelyn Hugo tells her story, it’s clear that her life intertwines with Monique’s in more ways than one.

Thoughts: Folklore is a collection of stories from different points of view. With The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, we see Evelyn tell her life, no matter how gritty or heartbreaking it may be. Both Folklore and this fiction novel give you the sensation of someone looking deep into the past and mesmerizing on events now long forgotten.

Evermore – A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende

Taylor Swift Evermore Book Recommendation

Synopsis: A civil war surges in Spain in the late 1930s, forcing many to flee towards the French border. Roser, a pregnant widow, finds herself trying to flee alongside Victor, the brother of her lover, whom she must marry if the two desire to survive. They embark to Chile in hopes of one day returning to Spain, but in order to get there in due’s time, both Roser and Victor face many obstacles ahead. Yet along the way, the two end up finding their home somewhere they didn’t quite expect.

Thoughts: The beauty of Evermore is that it tells a story from the perspective one hadn’t known before. And in A Long Petal of the Sea, we see how a tragic civil war affects two people with how they move onward in their lives. Isabel Allende perfectly captures the emotional turmoil in this historical fiction, which will impact you in ways you won’t expect!

I hope you enjoyed my book recommendations based on Taylor Swift albums! It was certainly one I loved coming up with. If you have any thoughts, please do share them in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “If You Like These Taylor Swift Albums, You’ll Love These Books!


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  2. Omg, this is such a fantastic post/list! I’ve seen lots of posts recommending books based on Swift songs/albums but I’ve not seen a few of the titles you’ve mentioned on here and I find that so refreshing! 😃 For the books I’ve read/heard a lot about, I think that they’re so perfectly matched in terms of vibe. I love it! 😍

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    1. It makes my day to hear that you enjoyed this list! I wanted to have somewhat of a variety regarding genre and how well known they are, so I’m glad I was able to achieve that!


  3. Ahhh omg omg I ADORE this post so so much!! All of your choices fit SO PERFECTLY with Taylor’s albums!!
    OPHELIA AFTER ALL YESSS, it fits the debut album so well omg why have I never come upon this fact???
and ahhh speak now is one of my favorite albums so I’m RUNNING to read once upon a K-prom ASAP!!

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    1. I’m so glad you loved this list! Seeing your comment definitely put a smile on my face 💕
      As for Once Upon a K-Prom, it’s definitely the ideal read for Speak Now fans. Hopefully, if you end up reading it, you love it just as much as I do!

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