Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

If there’s one thing we all love more than sharing our thoughts on certain books, it’s learning about unpopular book opinions from others! Because of this, I decided to share my own thoughts through the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag!

I found this book tag through Suhani @ Random Reader’s Rambles‘ post, which was truly a joy to read. It was originally created by TheBookArcher on Youtube, so feel free to look at both of their wonderful content as soon as you can! With all that said, let’s begin!

1. A popular book/series that you don’t like

Everything Everything Book Cover

Immediately, I thought of Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’ve seen many people talk about this book and how much they adore it. Given everything it has to offer, I should’ve loved it as well. A girl with a rare disease who has to stay in her house for the rest of her life was an intriguing premise. Add in some romance, and you’re bound to feel some heartbreak.

I was enjoying this book for what it was… and the ending ruined everything for me. The plot twist just cheapened all the emotional weight of the story. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a worse ending than this one.

2. A book/series that many people don’t like, but you love

The Great Hunt Book Cover

There’s probably a high chance some of you don’t know what The Great Hunt is, but to summarize it, it’s inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ tale The Singing Bone, following a beast that’s terrorizing a kingdom. Whoever is able to slay it will be able to marry the princess.

Here’s the thing: many people dislike the story for its toxic romance. And I know it’s terrible. In fact, I’m sure that, were I to reread this book, I probably wouldn’t like it anymore. But I have so many fond memories of this book. From the adventures, the selfless protagonist, and the magic in this world, I was simply enamored by it all.

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you didn’t want them to end up with / An OTP you don’t like

When it comes to Shadow and Bone, we all have different bookish opinions on how the romance should’ve ended. But if there’s one thing all of us agree on, it’s that we believe this trilogy shouldn’t have ended as it did. Or, if we’re being more specific, it shouldn’t have ended with Alina and Mal together.

I never hated the ending, but it always felt… lackluster to me. I would’ve loved if instead, Alina and Nikolai had ended together. The two of them could’ve rebuilt a better future for Ravka and, along the way, they could’ve fallen in love with one another! It would’ve been a better ending in contrast to the one we have.

4. A popular genre that you hardly reach for

I try avoiding horror every waking moment of my existence. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a horror film, and as for horror books, I’ve never read one. (One time, I tried reading a horror book. However, that didn’t really count for me since it was more fantasy-like rather than horror.) And honestly, while I might avoid horror for a while longer, I am open to reading horror books in the future!

5. A popular or beloved character that you don’t like

The Great Gatsby Book Cover

I rarely ever dislike a character that everyone loves. I might be ambivalent towards one (like Tessa Gray, whom I’m confused as to why so many people hate), but on very rare occasions do I dislike a character everyone loves. With all that said, if I have to choose someone, it has to be Jay Gatsby. I genuinely want to know why many people find him incredible (especially on goodreads), because while I can understand his character, I don’t consider him as fascinating as some make him out to be. It’s confusing in some ways, as I tend to find his actions and reasonings to be foolish, but it also makes complete sense given everything that has happened in his life.

6. An author that you can’t seem to get into

Thanks to Sarah J. Maas, I found my love for books. I read the first three books of Throne of Glass and my life changed forevermore. That being said, when I started to read the fourth book, I quickly dnf’ed it after I realized I didn’t like where the story was going. It’s been years since I read her books, but after listening to what everyone has to say about her current works, I just can’t find it in myself to read her stories anymore.

7. A popular book trope you’re tired of seeing?

There’s not a single book trope in the world that tires me more than the miscommunication trope. When a book revolves around this trope, everything simply feels contrived and unnecessary. What makes it even worse is knowing the conflict can be solved if the characters talked things through.

8. A popular book/series that you have no interest in reading

I’m not certain if this counts since it isn’t a specific book, but it would probably be some of the well-known 2010s YA books. I honestly don’t know why, since some of these books are beloved by many. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I know almost everything that happens since I’ve been spoiled in the past. Either way, I’m just not interested in reading them for the time being.

9. The saying goes that “The book is always better than the movies,” but what movie or tv show adaptation is better than the book?

🌺 Heartstopper: I personally believe the Heartstopper adaptation is identical to the graphic novels in terms of quality! After all, certain storylines were better developed, the casting was simply perfect, and the soundtrack is stellar! I couldn’t have asked for anything else!

🐸 Shadow and Bone: Maybe the tv show felt like fanfiction on screen, but what I adored most of this adaptation is that they just embraced the chaos of it. The producers know we want to see the crows, and they know we dislike Alina and Mal. As a result, they took the fans’ thoughts in mind and improved on the original source. While I had a few nitpicks, I still found it far better than the books.

I’ll be tagging…

You don’t have to do this book tag if you aren’t interested, and I’m sorry if you already did this! If by any chance I didn’t mention you, but you’d still like to join, feel free to tag me in your post so I can read your responses!

🌺 queenie @ The Erudite Labyrinth

🐸 Dini @ dinipandareads

🌺 Kshoni @ A Page Full of Words

🐸 Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm

🌺 Amaya @ Mauve Mumblings

Thank you for reading! What are some of your own unpopular book opinions?

6 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

  1. 1. I totally agree about the miscommunication trope.

    2. I didn’t actually mind too much that it was Mal + Alina, but I didn’t like how she gave up (lost? can’t quite remember) her powers at the end to live a “normal” life. I mean, I guess not everyone wants to stand out, but it still annoyed me nonetheless!

    3. The Shadow & Bone adaptation was ok. I didn’t know too much about the crows aspect of it as I hadn’t read any of those books, so I enjoyed that part more because I had no expectations. But the actual Shadow & Bone story could’ve been done better, in my opinion. I felt like key scenes for character building in the book (particularly with Zoya) were left out in the show. And it wasn’t explained very well for those who hadn’t read the books (this was my husband’s general take on it & he hasn’t read the books).


  2. Thanks for the tag, Aster Marie! I loved reading your answers and honestly related to more of them than I expected (only because I thought I was the only one who had those opinions, lol)! 😂 I was interested in Everything, Everything until I read a review for it that talked about the ending and wow, was it a hard no for me. Sounds icky and can’t believe it was written! 😩 I haven’t read Gatsby but I didn’t enjoy the adaptation and found the characters irksome and figured the book would be the same… I’m also the same with horror and though I’ve made a few trips out of my comfort zone to be pleasantly surprised, it’s *rare*! Also, I have to agree with Heartstopper and while I haven’t seen the adaptation of Shadow & Bone yet I’ve only heard great things about it!


  3. the miscommunication trope just needs to LEAVE. like, why are y’all keeping secrets about important stuff but pouring out your heart and soul about stupid things😭 that aside…ALINA AND NIKOLAI SHOULD 100% HAVE ENDED UP TOGETHER!!! mal was such a boring character and the darkling was mediocre but nikolai and alina actually had chemistry!!! their banter was everything!! anyways, thank you so much for the tag, this is a wonderful post!💜


  4. I absolutely despise miscommunication, and yesss I’ve also never felt the need to read The Fault In Our Stars despite the amazing things I’ve heard about it.

    Tysm for the tag!! ❤


  5. Omg this was so fun to read !! I really agree with you on #1, I was so shocked by the plot twist of Everything, Everything but not in a good way and I felt so let down by the ending. And I don’t think I’ll ever pick up an SJM book either seeing all the discourse about her work on social media…


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